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Over 20 years of


Providing professional hair services,

but at affordable rates.

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Indulge in our signature services at affordable prices - you won't want to miss this!

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From single-toned hair colour to creative colouring, we're here to help you!


"Did my Soft Rebonding and Hair Trim at Sizzers twice and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Customer Service was great - the lady whom attended to me shared the process and knew exactly what she was doing. The second visit, they added a treatment! Truly value for money."

- Sarah Ibrahim

"More than the services the main reason why I choose to keep coming back is the experience. Princess posseses a unique character and charmed all her customers with her natural antics. She will always ensure that the services she rendered are of high quality and I must say that she has an eye to details of her craft."

- Mark Sam Gill

"It’s more than just a haircut. You go here not just for your hair to get touch, you go here for your mood to get high! I always love the positive vibes, the cheerful spirit. I live in the east and visiting Princess on a weekly basis is my pilgrimage - never too far away (insert Mariah). Been supporting Princess for many years and in between I’ve met plenty of good friends through her. Princess touches hearts too! "

- Kimmy Spears


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